The Art Department

The majority of work in the four years at Oldfields Hall is based upon first hand observation and working from direct experience. This encourages careful observation and understanding of the structure and nature of the world. Students observe and record from a variety of source material within the art room and the environment of the school. Work in 2D and 3D areas are supported by reference to works of art past and present which show a variety of responses by artists on a similar theme


This course is designed to address the National Curriculum essential skills, processes and concepts in art, craft and design that students need to learn to make progress.
Students need to understand these skills, processes and concepts in order to deepen and broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding.
This course comprises of traditional and new media. Students consider and examine the Visual Elements of Art Line, Tone, Colour, Pattern, Texture, Shape, Form and Space which are essential to aid development.
This year the artwork produced is linked with the themes of Natural Forms, Interiors and Packaging.