Design & Technology

The Design & Technology Department

In the Design and Technology department your child will experience a curriculum rich in challenge and excitement.

We aim to introduce students to a variety of materials and technologies all of which takes place in our Design and Technology suites. If you would like a tour of our department or would like to ask any questions regarding the work that our students complete, please don't hesitate to get in contact.

Please read on for a description of the projects that your child may complete in the Design & Technology department. At Key Stage 2 and 3 (Years 5-8) students complete projects on a rotation, experiencing different aspects of design and technology.


Does your child enjoy cooking ?
Food club runs every Wednesday evening for key stage 3 pupils. Food club members experiment with recipes and develop their culinary skills to a higher level.

Design an ‘APP’ graphics project (developing graphic techniques and introducing CAD).
Moving stories (looking at linkages)
Clocks (product design topic where woodwork and CAD CAM is introduced)
Dragon Dens – design and innovation challenge