The ICT Department

The ICT/Computing Department is run by Mrs Blount (Head of Department) and Mr Stockdale (Teacher of ICT).

Due to the changes in the ICT curriculum from September 2014, the department has implemented an enhanced computing element into the Scheme of Work. This will provide students with the knowledge and skills to equip them for later learning and experiences within their education.


The ICT & Computing department at Oldfields Hall Middle school offers a variety of projects to enhance skills in ICT/Computing. There are 3 areas covered by the curriculum – Computer Science, Digital Literacy and Information Technology. Students use the school network to access the curriculum and this provides lots of opportunity to work independently and build confidence.

With 3 main computer suites, the students have the opportunity to explore many programs. Lunch clubs are run every lunch time in two rooms by our excellent digital leaders providing further opportunities for students to explore and extend their ICT capabilities.

Autumn Term
Introduction to Computing
Network Setup
Baseline Test

Digital Literacy
Video Project

Spring Term
Basic Programming
Control and Monitoring

Logo Control
Control systems for various real life situations

Summer Term
Introduction to Spreadsheets
Setting up shop
Basic Formulas and Functions

Basic Programming (Scratch)