The Science Department

The department is housed in two specialist laboratories, each with gas, water and electricity supply for students to use at their workplace. Both laboratories have multimedia projectors. The other room used by the department has an interactive whiteboard and projector.

As part of the preparation for Thomas Alleyne's High School, students are taught a condensed Key Stage 3 curriculum. This requires units of work formerly covered in Years 7, 8 and 9 to be taught over two years at Oldfields Hall Middle School. It involves combining units in the course that we teach together with Home study units that require independent study by the students. The school can then report on progress at the end of Key Stage 3 in Year 8.


The department has access to a bookable computer room so that students have ready access to the internet for research and for the presentation of their work. We have 13 data meters that allow students to use ICT to measure the temperature, light level, sound level and movement of objects in their investigations. These meters can also measure students' heart rates. We also have a set of USB microscopes.nnThe Science specialists in the department cover a wide range of areas of expertise. Very few Middle schools can boast such a well qualified and diverse Science department.

Students have three hours of Science each week. They are taught by their class teacher or by a specialist Science teacher but we usually manage to timetable in one lesson per week where students come over to the Science Labs to try out some more adventurous experiments.
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