Staff List 2016/17

Our current staff team

The Leadership Team
The Leadership Team
Mr C D Gliddon – Headteacher
Mrs V J Marsh – Deputy Headteacher
Mrs S Fowler – Assistant Headteacher, PSHE Co-ordinator
Mrs L Cunliffe – Assistant Headteacher, Head of Science

Teaching Staff
Mr C Parkes - Y5 Progress Manager
Mrs V Gilbert – 5H Form Tutor
Mrs S McBride (Head of Music) / Mrs S Fowler (Assistant Headteacher)– 5R Form Tutor
Miss J Hordern / Miss E Sproston– 5J Form Tutor
Mrs Swinburne– 5B Form Tutor

Mr S Stockdale – Y6 Progress Manager
Mrs L Taylor– 6H Form Tutor
Miss J Morris- Gell – 6R Form Tutor
Mrs C Cope – 6J Form Tutor
Mrs L Narraway - 6B Form Tutor

Ms E Kelly – Y7 Progress Manager
Miss C Davoigneau – 7H Form Tutor
Mr Spillsbury 7R Form Tutor
Mr J Skinner – 7J Form Tutor (Head of PE)
Mr M Griffiths - 7B Form Tutor

Miss V Merrick – Y8 Progress Manager
Mrs E Croft – 8H Form Tutor (Head of Design and Technology)
Mrs R Abbiss – 8R Form Tutor, (Head of French)
Mr J Lamburn – 8B Form Tutor
Mr J Plant – 8J Form Tutor (Head of Humanities)

Mr P Brundrett - Head of Maths
Mrs F McMulkin - Head of SEN
Mrs E Thomas - Head of English

Support Staff
Mrs A Covell – Display Assistant
Mrs J Kirk –Cover Supervisor
Mrs E Bull - Health and Safety Co-ordinator
Mrs E Punchard - Curriculum Area Supervisor
Mrs A Walker – Administration Officer
Mrs R Bromage - Administrative Assistant, Receptionist
Mrs L Ward – Administrative Assistant, Receptionist
Mrs K Hall – PA to Headteacher, Clerk to the Governing Body
Mrs J Flanagan – Finance Assistant

Mr D Chaplin – Site Supervisor
Mr M Coleman - Site Technician
Mrs R Griffiths – Science Technician
Mr J Hales - PE Apprentice

Miss A Clarke - Inclusion Support
Mr J Clark - Inclusion Support
Miss A Foulkes - Inclusion Support, Librarian
Mrs A Harman - Inclusion Support, Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Hedgcombe – Inclusion Support, Lunchtime Supervisor, Cover Supervisor
Ms G Simpson - Inclusion Support
Mrs S Snape – Inclusion Support, Lunchtime Supervisor/Cover Supervisor

Mrs C Flanaghan – Lunchtime Supervisor and Design and Technology Technician
Mrs G Meadows – Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Walkeden – Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr R Fisher - Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss J Hirst – Head Cleaner
Mrs G Walker - Catering Manager
Mrs J Moore - Catering Assistant
Mrs E Underhill - Catering Assistant
Miss D Plant - Catering Assistant
Mrs J Payne - Catering Assistant
Mrs D Chaplin - Catering Assistant