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The Geography Department

“Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future” – Michael Palin
Geography studies the world around us. It allows us to make sense of what’s happening and how we can make a real difference to everyday situations at a range of scales; from our local community to international impacts.
A range of physical and human aspects of Geography are covered which give a ‘balance’ of many areas of Geography. You only have to watch the news to see elements of ‘Geography in action’.

The study of Geography helps you to:
• Develop a knowledge and understanding of current events from the local area to the global.
• Investigate the earth and its peoples.
• Study the features of the earth – such as mountains, rivers and seas – and how they were formed.
• Develop a range of useful skills such as map reading, data collection, ICT and problem solving.

Year 5 Course Summary

A local Fieldwork Enquiry of Uttoxeter; how we view our environment and its key features
Map Skills; Key Features of the World (Continents, Oceans/Seas, Key Countries)
Countries/Continents of the Globe, Case studies; India, China, Africa
A Community Elsewhere; Amazon Rainforest/Brazil
Geography Vocabulary; Correct terminology and application
Grid Reference; Four and six figure referencing
Skills; Physical, Human and Economic Geography
Map Skills; Longitude, Latitude and Zones

Year 6 Course Summary

Settlements (Human Needs); Size, shape and usage.
Map Skills; Placement of continents, oceans and seas (revisit) moving onto key countries/detail.
National Parks; what is a National Park, their importance, key features and usage.
Rivers and Water; Formation of a river (different stages) and how water impacts on our lives.
Coasts; Key features of a coast, erosion and protection.
Field Trip – Carsington (linked with Rivers and Water unit).
World Cities; placement.

Year 7 Course Summary

Weather and Climate (Local); what is weather and climate, key terminology to produce a developed weather forecast.
Extreme Weather around the world; Weather, impact and consequence.
Sustainable Places; what is sustainability, how we use resources, planning a sustainable town on a budget.
Trade (Global Trade); is trade fair around the world? Differences between developed and developing worlds (hemispheres).
Fantastic Places – Independent Research/Students own choice to investigate an area of their interest.
Human Geography; Population, Urbanisations and Natural Resources

Year 8 Course Summary

India (Case Study); placement, landscape, diversity and issues that face India (social, economic and political.
Map Skills; grid referencing, scale, topographical, areal and satellite.
Physical Geography; tectonics, geographical timescale, ice age and glaciation.
Economic Activity and Trade; primary, secondary and tertiary industries.
Field Study; Local study/Industry (observe, measure, record, analyse, data, draw conclusion.
Skills Revision.