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PSHE is delivered throughout the four year groups in this school. We place a high value on the contribution PSHE can make towards a student’s development.

Each child has a PSHE lesson once per week. In addition, several other subjects contribute to our provision through the curriculum. For example, global citizenship is addressed in Geography and History, various aspects of the Science curriculum address healthy lifestyles and English teachers explore diversity through various texts. PSHE strands are also addressed in tutorial periods and assemblies.

PSHE examines issues such as mental health, careers, friendships, bullying, respecting others, healthy lifestyles, staying safe, e-safety, economic and financial education, substance abuse and sex education.

During the year guest speakers are invited in and various events are held to highlight particular components of the programmes of study. We also support relevant charties throughout the year to raise awareness of issues such as mental health.

Core Skills is delivered in Years 8. The focus is very much on building numeracy and literacy Skills in a real life context and is designed to enhance the school’s delivery of Maths and English. 

Core Skills also aims to develop students’ skills as independent, evaluative learners in preparation for the next stage of their education. Literacy and Numeracy feature strongly and cross-curricular links are considered.

School Council

The School Council, which comprises one elected representative from each form, meets regularly to discuss items which have been raised by members of the school community. Decisions reached here have led to improvements being made to student welfare and to the school environment.

Peer Counselling

Peer Counselling has been developed as an additional way of providing help and support to the school community. Specially trained Year 8 pupils in distinctive red sweatshirts provide a “listening ear” for anyone experiencing problems, e.g. friendship difficulties, bullying, etc. They are of particular assistance to Year 5 as they settle into Oldfields Hall.

Leadership and Teamwork Skills

Pupils are also given a wide range of other opportunities to develop their leadership and teamwork skills. These include:

  • Junior Librarians (all years)
  • Eco Club (all years)
  • Digital Leaders (Year 7 & 8)
  • Sports Leaders (Year 8)
  • House Captains (Year 8)
  • Music Mentors (Year 8)
  • Academic Mentors (Year 8)

Pupils apply for these roles formally and in many cases are also interviewed, just as they will be in the future when they are in the world of work. Pupils value these opportunities and take them very seriously