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Design & Technology

The Design & Technology Department

In the Design and Technology department your child will experience a curriculum rich in challenge and excitement.

We aim to introduce students to a variety of materials and technologies all of which takes place in our Design and Technology suites. If you would like a tour of our department or would like to ask any questions regarding the work that our students complete, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Please read on for a description of the projects that your child may complete in the Design & Technology department. At Key Stage 2 and 3 (Years 5-8) students complete projects on a rotation, experiencing different aspects of design and technology.

Does your child enjoy cooking ?
Food club runs every Wednesday evening for pupils from year 7 and 8. Food club members experiment with recipes and develop their culinary skills to a higher level.

Year 5 Course Summary

  • Design an ‘APP’ graphics project (developing graphic techniques and introducing CAD).
  • Moving stories (looking at linkages)
  • Clocks (product design topic where woodwork and CAD CAM is introduced)
  • Dragon Dens – design and innovation challenge

Year 6 Course Summary

  • Sublimation printing t-shirt competition
  • Trebuchets (product design topic) students are introduced to machines and hand tools
  • Food – Healthy eating (hygiene, food and storage)

Year 7 Course Summary

  • Perspective Drawing/Graphics
  • Steady Hand Games
  • Metal Monsters (product design) – A metal work project inspired by insects. The copper id decorated by enamel and packaging is produced using CAD CAM. A skilled project.
  • Food Tech – creating savoury family healthy meals. Seasonal foods and budget receipts are explained.
  • Light Project – A material light cut and printed using CAD CAM is produced. LEDs are placed inside to create a modern lantern.

Year 8 Course Summary

The artwork produced this year is linked with the themes:

  • Natural forms / experimentation of materials and drawing skills
  • Decorative art forms
  • Colour