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The Music Department

Music is very important at Oldfields!

All students at Oldfields are encouraged to make music in a wide variety of styles on a range of different instruments. There are regular opportunities for students to perform in class, assemblies and concerts within school, the local community and further afield.

Instrumental tuition is provided by a team of specialist peripatetic teachers from Entrust Music and Performing Arts. Lessons are available for all string instruments including acoustic and electric guitar, woodwind, brass and percussion.

A number of music clubs are run on a weekly basis at lunchtimes and after school in which students of the appropriate standard are invited to take part. The ensembles and clubs that currently take place are Jazz Band, Choir, Vocal Group, Ukulele Group, Recorder Club, iMac Club, Drum Club and School Orchestra. Year 8 Music Mentors have the opportunity to run their own clubs based on their strengths and experiences.

An annual Music Weekend is held at Ingestre Hall for fifty students from the various ensembles. It is an intensive weekend of music making, culminating in a concert for family and friends.

We are very fortunate to have installed a suite of Apple iMac computers complete with MIDI Keyboards in the Music Department. This is a fantastic facility that enables students to create, record, edit and enhance their music, and offers the students the chance to make key musical decisions regarding timbre, structure and arrangement within a real musical experience.

Year 5 Course Summary


  • Old Time Music Hall
  • The Rainforest
  • The Orchestra
  • Tudor Music

Students learn Music through playing the recorder, various percussion instruments and singing. Students who have instrumental lessons are encouraged to extend their skills in class performances within the topics.

Year 6 Course Summary


  • Introduction to Keyboard and GarageBand
  • Baroque Music
  • Tuned Percussion and Snare Drum
  • African Music
  • Pentatonic Music

Students learn more difficult instrumental pieces using their chosen instruments where appropriate, but also using keyboards and other classroom instruments.

Music Technology is introduced using the GarageBand software on the suite of iMacs. Students learn how to create music using loops and their own recordings.

Students sing a variety of songs including part songs. They have the opportunity to develop composition skills later in the year.

Listening includes constructive discussions about their own compositions as well as aural work based on the elements of music and music from other cultures.

Year 7 Course Summary


  • Ukulele!
  • Mystery Music
  • Rhythm Score
  • Samba
  • Ragtime

Students compose and perform music both individually and in groups using a wide range of resources but with emphasis on their chosen instrument if appropriate.

Students explore in detail the elements of music; the construction of melody and accompaniment; form and structure. Composition work is based on these areas and pupils notate pieces as appropriate.

Students sing a wide variety of songs, including part songs and songs related to their project work. They play more demanding pieces of music, again using their chosen instrument if appropriate. Listening and evaluation skills are related to composition and performance projects.

ICT is used as an integral part of each project. Students are required to record their work and learn how to make improvements.

Year 8 Course Summary


  • Classical Music
  • Indian Music
  • The Blues
  • Composing a Pop Song

Students compose and perform music both individually and in groups using a wide range of instruments, but with an emphasis on keyboard techniques as well as their chosen instrument. Students learn to construct pieces using various musical forms. Students also develop skills in improvisation using standard harmonic chord progressions and scales as well as exploring the development of musical ideas. Listening work is related to composition projects.

ICT is used as an integral part of each project.