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The English Department

Welcome to the English department at Oldfields Hall.

Reading, language and communication are the driving forces behind our English curriculum. Here at Oldfields Hall Middle School, our English teachers and support staff work with a relentless sense of purpose to ensure that pupils make good progress in all areas of literacy, particularly reading, writing, grammar, punctuation and spelling. We have a team of highly competent, experienced subject specialists who enjoy creating challenging and engaging learning opportunities for all pupils. Our English curriculum has been crafted to sequence learning logically in terms of knowledge and skills, ensuring that all pupils are challenged, regardless of their ability.

The literature studied at Oldfields Hall Middle School reflects the experiences of people from different countries, cultures and historical eras. Over the four years here, pupils will study some of the works of William Shakespeare and a range of classical and contemporary fiction including novels by Charles Dickens, Philip Pullman, and Polly Ho-Yen. Our English curriculum also features classic and modern poetry including poetry from WW1, poetry from around the world and poems to make you laugh.  Further details can be found on our English Curriculum Overview.

Warm Regards
Miss E. Thomas, Head of English