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Charging and Remissions

Overview of Charges & Remissions

To promote and provide activities as part of a broad and balanced curriculum for the pupils of the school and as additional optional activities.

Recognises the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities, including clubs, visits and residential experiences can make towards pupils’ personal and social educations.

The aim of this policy is to set out what charges will be levied for school activities, external lettings and extended school provision, what remissions will be implemented and the circumstances under which voluntary contributions will be requested from parents. Guidance is based on the Education Act 1996: Sections 449-462.

The Governing Body of the School are responsible for determining the content of the policy and the head teacher for implementation. Any determinations with respect to individual parents will be considered jointly by the head teacher (and/or Governing Body).

Community Facilities – activities which the governors do not feel is of direct educational benefit to children at the school
Extended school provision – provision of childcare outside the standard school day where it is optional as to whether the child attends.
External Lettings – letting to an organisation other than the school
Remission – where a charge is not payable, either in full or in part
Sinking Fund – a reserve put aside over a number of years to pay for major maintenance or renewal costs

Charging Remissions Policy Nov 19