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The Maths Department


​Maths is the study of numbers, shapes and statistics and how they are related to one another and the real world. Maths builds thinking, logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Maths is vital in our world today and is used every day perhaps without even realising. It is fundamental to learning other subjects like science and music and being mathematically literate assists in all other subjects. Maths also develops the skills of resilience and perseverance which are essential life-skills.

At Oldfields, we follow a mastery curriculum where, over time, pupils develop a deep, long term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject. We believe that all pupils can succeed in maths whatever their ability. Maths at Oldfields is developed through fluency, mathematical reasoning and problem-solving and we use White Rose Maths as the backbone of our curriculum which is linked to the National Curriculum for Mathematics. 

Please follow this link to view the White Rose Maths website and the National Curriculum for Mathematics:

White Rose Maths | Free Maths Teaching Resources | CPD Training

Mathematics programmes of study: key stages 1 and 2 (publishing.service.gov.uk)


Below is a list of skills that parents can easily help with at home:

  • Telling the time on a proper watch face – pupils can understand digital times but really struggle with analogue clocks.
  • Knowing calendar facts – days in a week, months in a year, days in a year, number of days in each month, hours in a day, seconds in an hour, etc.
  • Shopping maths – what is the best deal at a supermarket? Adding money and finding change from £5, £10, £20.
  • Measuring – weighing ingredients and liquids, knowing what a dozen is.
  • Timestables – these really do underpin much of the maths we do in school so it is an essential skill to master


Pupils at Oldfields are broadly set for maths according to ability. Year 5 setting is based on information from our feeder first schools. Setting is reviewed regularly at pupil progress meetings.


Pupils who find maths more challenging are taught is smaller sets at Oldfields and these sets are supported by a Teaching Assistant. We aim to provide a meaningful and challenging curriculum for all students. The maths department is well stocked with high quality resources  to enable pupils to learn through concrete and visual experiences.


All pupils are monitored through regular topic and termly assessments. Pupils may be identified as needing additional support and we provide a range of interventions both in and out of class to support learning in maths. Year 6 booster sessions are offered in the lead up to the national SATs which take place in May. Year 8 pupils are assessed half termly using agreed assessments and the results inform the setting information provided to high schools for transition.


Lets Do Mental Maths

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Telling Time


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