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Procedure for Admissions – Information for September 2022

Please note: For Derbyshire residents, the Derbyshire online system tends to be a bit harder to navigate than the Staffordshire system because the Derbyshire system is not geared for Middle School transfer.

For Parents who live in Staffordshire:

The Staffordshire Local Authority “First to Middle” Admissions Information Booklet 2022 is available below. This contains all the information you will need to apply for a Middle School place. It gives full details of the Admissions Policy and procedures, including how school places are allocated.

You may need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to read it.
This is free software available from: this link.

Alternatively, to apply for a school place online:
For online admissions.

The deadline for school admissions applications is 15th January 2022 but it is still worth applying after this deadline has passed. Please inform your child’s present school of your decision. The Local Authority Admissions Department will offer definite school places to parents on 18th April 2022 based on the criteria in the Staffordshire “First to Middle” Admissions booklet.

If you live in Staffordshire but outside our school catchment area, please contact
Oldfields Hall Middle School office on 01889 562770 or
Staffordshire Local Authority (LA) School Admissions Department on 01785 278593.

For Parents who live in Derbyshire

Moving to a Middle School from a Derbyshire Primary School counts as a “Junior Admission”.

A co-ordinated admissions scheme operates and parents must complete their application via their “home” Local Authority. Derbyshire School Admissions confirm that a Junior Application form is available via their website for Year 4 transfers to Year 5, e.g. to Oldfields Hall Middle School.

Click on the link below for the Derbyshire School Admissions website.
Apply for a school place – www.derbyshire.gov.uk

Alternatively, contact the Derbyshire School Admissions Team on 01629 537479 during office hours.

Closing Date

The closing date for Middle School applications for both Staffordshire and Derbyshire is 15th January 2022. This is a national date. Offers of school places will be e-mailed to those parents who have applied online around 18th April 2022.

Do I have a chance of getting a place for my child if I live outside Oldfields Hall Middle School’s catchment area?

Our Planned Admissions Number limits admissions to 132. All children whose families applied for a Year 5 school place before the January 2021 deadline at Oldfields Hall Middle School in September 2021 were successful.

Some of our current year groups however are currently full, please telephone the school office if you require further information.

If you live in Staffordshire, you can find out if you live in our school catchment area by calling Staffordshire Student Admissions on 01785 278593. About one fifth of current Oldfields Hall students live outside our catchment area, because parents have expressed their choice on the application form and were successful in gaining a place here. However, free school transport is only available to children living in our catchment area, so if you live too far for your child to walk to this school, then you would need to pay for transport or make school transport arrangements yourself if you were offered a place at this school.

Staffordshire LA has a free and impartial service to answer any of your questions about choosing a school and it is a good idea to contact them. You can e-mail [email protected] or telephone the School Choice Adviser on 01785 278992 during office hours.