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The ICT Department

Students at Oldfields Hall Middle School study a variety of topics across the 4 years.

  • How to use Office 365
  • How Computers and the Internet work.
  • Desktop Publishing & PowerPoint
  • Spreadsheets & Databases
  • Computer programming, using Scratch, Blockly, and Python.
  • 3d modelling and 3d printing
  • Robotics ( First Lego League, and First Technical Challenge)
  • Electronics
  • E-Safety
We also run clubs at lunchtime and afterschool.
Lessons are delivered by Head of ICT Mr Griffiths, and Mr Stockdale.
To support our students you could install the following apps (these are free but need activating via a school email)
  • OneDrive
  • OneNote
  • Teams
  • Outlook
  • PowerPoint
  • Word
The Scratch App is also useful.

Year 5 Course Summary

Autumn Term
Introduction to Computing
Network Setup
Baseline Test
Digital Literacy
Video Project

Spring Term
Basic Programming
Control and Monitoring
Logo Control
Control systems for various real life situations

Summer Term
Introduction to Spreadsheets
Setting up shop
Basic Formulas and Functions
Basic Programming (Scratch)

Year 6 Course Summary

Autumn Term
Spreadsheet formula and functions
Introduction to Coding

Spring Term
Extending our coding skills
Data Flow using Flowol
Flowcharts and breaking down tasks

Summer Term
Database theory and design
Creating a criminal investigation
Digital Literacy

Year 7 Course Summary

Autumn Term
Computing theory
Coding extended
Creating a computer game from scratch. Design implement and Execute

Spring Term
Website Design, planning, designing, HTML and interactive web objects
Computer Theory Internet and Networks

Summer Term
Digital Literacy
Stop frame animation
Advance Programming (scratch)
Introduction to Entry Level Certificate

Year 8 Course Summary

Autumn Term
Advanced coding project following entry level Certificate in Computing Model

Spring Term
Computer Theory Hardware and Software

Summer Term
Final project following Entry Level Certificate in Computing Model
App Design and implementation